Buddhist stupa prices

The prices of Buddhist stupas depend on the required surface finish and filling options.


Just write us an e-mail or message on facebook and we will write you the price of your chosen variant.

What we need to know for pricing:

1. Concrete type of stupa

you can choose here:

2. Surface finish of the stupa

you can choose here:

3. Empty or filled stupa

more information here:

The best way to do this is to write us a price request like this:

Stupa of Enlightenment - colored variant - including filling.

If you do not know what to choose, please contact us, we will be happy to advise you :)

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Buying a Buddhist stupa will please not only you, but also the Tibetan children, which we support through the non-profit organization MOST ProTibet. 

From the sale of each stupa, we will send 5% to help the Himalayas and Tibet.

More information about the project here:

stupa mnoha dveri
vystava stup
stupa sestoupeni
stupa osviceni
vystava stup
stupa parinirvany
stupa zazraku
strom zivota
om ah hum
stupa mnoha dveri
stupa osviceni
lotosova stupa
stupa osviceni
lvi trun se slony
stupa osviceni
stupa osviceni
modlitebni praporky stupa
vyroba stup
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