Filling options

An important part of the stupa is its fulfillment - the stupa is filled with symbols of the body, speech and mind of all buddhas - mantras, mandalas, and blessed items.

strom zivota
bodhi tree

Filling for one stupa:


The Shakyamuni Mantra

Green Tara Mantra

White Tara Mantra

Medicine Buddha Mantra

Amitabha Buddha Mantra

Four Dharmakaya Relic Mantras

Prajnaparamita Mantra

The Chenrezig Mantra (Om Mani Padme Hum)

Manjushri Mantra

Vajrapani Mantra

Mahakala Mantra

Palden Lhamo Mantra

Dzambhala Mantra

(we put these mantras rolled into more than 200 small scrolls, with a total number of repetitions exceeding 20,000 in each stupa).


1x - Dzambhala

1x - Norgyunma

1x - Ganapati

1x - Eight Auspicious Symbols

1x - Double Dorje

Sand of mandalas:

- sand from mandalas, sprinkled with Tibetan monks (Thousand-armed Avalokiteshvara, Chakrasamvara, Medicine Buddha)

Precious stones:

mixture - crystal, agate, amethyst, rose quartz, citrine, lapis lazuli, tiger eye, and more ....

Life tree:

1x - Life tree, approx. 12 - 14 cm

Other blessed items:

- Tibetan medicine - precious pill Mani Rilbu

- a leaf from a tree that grew out of the Lama Lotsava Rinchen Zangpo over 1000 years ago

- a leaf from the Jaya Sri Maha Bodhi tree from Anuradhapura, planted more than 2300 years ago from the      Bodhi stoma branch under which the Buddha reached enlightenment

- a piece of gold and silver

- sang - a mixture of dried crushed juniper

- Tibetan incense ritual sticks

- blessed rice

- herbs and dried flowers

- Blessed strings with knots from Ki Monastery of North India

plneni stupy

Choose your ideal filling option

1. empty stupa without filling

Choose this option if you want to fill the stupa yourself or if you wish to have the stupa only as a decoration. After filling, close the stupa according to the enclosed instructions.

2. Completely filled and closed stupa

Choose this option if you want to use the stupa as a ritual spiritual object, but would like to entrust us to filling it. Fulfillment is a several-hour ritual that has its rules. We fill our stupas on the day of the full moon and you can of course participate in your stupa. Once filled, the stupa will be closed and can no longer be opened.

stupa mnoha dveri
vystava stup
stupa sestoupeni
stupa osviceni
vystava stup
stupa parinirvany
stupa zazraku
strom zivota
om ah hum
stupa mnoha dveri
stupa osviceni
lotosova stupa
stupa osviceni
lvi trun se slony
stupa osviceni
stupa osviceni
modlitebni praporky stupa

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