Filling options

An important part of the stupa is its fulfillment - the stupa is filled with symbols of the body, speech and mind of all buddhas - mantras, mandalas, and blessed items.


Choose your ideal variant




1. empty stupa without filling

Choose this option if you want to have the stupa filled yourself, or if you want to have the stupa only as a decoration.

Empty stupas can be easily opened and closed. The filled stupa can be closed so that it can no longer be opened.



2. completely filled and closed stupa

Choose this option if you want to use the stupa for Buddhist practice, but you do not have the opportunity to have it filled. Fulfillment is a several-hour ritual that has its own rules. We can arrange for you to fulfill, conclude and bless a qualified lama upon agreement.

stupa mnoha dveri
vystava stup
stupa sestoupeni
stupa osviceni
vystava stup
stupa parinirvany
stupa zazraku
strom zivota
om ah hum
stupa mnoha dveri
stupa osviceni
lotosova stupa
stupa osviceni
lvi trun se slony
stupa osviceni
stupa osviceni
modlitebni praporky stupa
vyroba stup
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