8 types of Buddhist stupas

The shape and proportions of the stupa have their own rules.


However, you can choose a particular type of stupa, its color design and also various possibilities of filling with sacred relics.


Choose one or more of the eight basic types of Buddhist stupas.



How do you want the stupa to look? Gold plated with 23 carat gold, colored or pure white?



Stupa as a spiritual object or just decoration? Choose to fill the stupa with mantras, mandalas, blessed items and other sacred relics.

stupa mnoha dveri
vystava stup
stupa sestoupeni
stupa osviceni
vystava stup
stupa parinirvany
stupa zazraku
strom zivota
om ah hum
stupa mnoha dveri
stupa osviceni
lotosova stupa
stupa osviceni
lvi trun se slony
stupa osviceni
stupa osviceni
modlitebni praporky stupa
vyroba stup
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