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The Tibetan stupas most often occur in the eight most important variants, according to the places where Buddha first spread his teachings.

Most shapes are related to the actions of the fourth historical Buddha Shakyamuni.

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Currently we produce all types of stupas.

The Stupa of Enlightenment is the most important of all eight shapes, because it symbolizes the goal of the Buddhist path, which is the recognition of one's mind, that is, full enlightenment.


The manual production of the stupas takes approximately 30 days, depending on the finish chosen. Production time is approximate.

Stupa of Heaped Lotuses

birth of Buddha


The main body of the stupa is characterized by the shape of the lotus

and symbolizes Buddha's birth in the grove of Lumbini.


of Many Doors

first teachings


The stupa of many doors was built in Sarnath (Varanasi), where for the first time the Buddha gave the teachings of a small way about the Four Noble Truths.


of Descent from the God Realm

descent from heaven Tushita after teaching to his mother


It commemorates the day when Buddha Sakyamuni descended from the realm of the thirty-three gods, where he went to teach.

Stupa of Complete Victory

extending life for his students request


It reminds the time when the Buddha in Vaishali, at the request of his disciples, extended his life by three months.


of Enlightenment

attaining enlightenment


It is a memory of the night before the enlightenment of Buddha Sakyamuni, when he removed the last veils and obstacles from his mind.


of Miracles

turning opponents to the right view by miracles


It is a memory of how the miracles of the Buddha have persuaded advocates of bad opinions.


of Reconciliation

averting divide in sangha

The stupa of reconciliation or the stupa of unification are related

with disrupt in Sanga.

A stupa was built in honor of reconciliation in the community

in Rajgriha.


of Parinirvana

leaving to Nirvana, complete realization


It symbolizes the state of mind that the Buddha entered after his death in Kusinagara. The main body of this stupa is bell-shaped and is a symbol of Buddha's perfect wisdom.

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vystava stup
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om ah hum
stupa mnoha dveri
stupa osviceni
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stupa osviceni
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stupa osviceni
stupa osviceni
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